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FAQ - CBP Form 4455

What is the purpose of CBP Form 4455?
It is the U.S. government's signature authorization for you as the passenger to carry certain items on board a passenger car on your journey across the U.S. to Canada. What is the CBP Form 4455? It is a customs form that you may need before you leave the US for Canada. It's also a form for your local customs agent if you travel between the US and Canadian border. What is the purpose of CBP form 4455? The CBP form 4455 is a U.S. Department of Homeland Security signature authorization for you and your luggage. When you file your customs forms, a copy of your 4455 is forwarded to Customs upon arrival in Canada. The form has the sole purpose of authorizing the person (you) who signed it to carry certain prohibited items on board a passenger car while passing through the CBP inspection and customs facility of the Canadian border. What are prohibited items? These are items that should not be brought into Canada as baggage. For example, alcohol and cigarettes are prohibited in your luggage. There are certain items that are permitted on board a passenger car when heading from the U.S. to Canada. These include, but are not limited to: Items with your name on them. This includes, but is not limited to, passports and driver's licenses. Bicycles, scooters, motor assisted bicycles and skateboards. Items that can't be taken into Canada. This includes, but is not limited to, animals, hazardous materials, firearms, explosives, drugs, tobacco products, prescription medication, and prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Items that may be checked and not permitted into Canada, such as firearms and explosive objects. A BSA officer may inspect your form 4455 during regular duties. The BSA officer can ask questions about the items you're bringing and will take the appropriate action. If you're crossing the bridge between the U.S. and Canada without a CBP checkpoint, and it is raining, you must bring an umbrella. This is because if you do not bring a waterproof umbrella, CBP officers will inspect it at the Canada border. Do not bring a rain jacket, a blanket, or anything else other than an umbrella.
Who should complete CBP Form 4455?
If you have been placed on a terrorist watch list, you should also complete Form 4455. However, if you were placed on a watch list, and it is no longer active, you should not complete Form 4455. If the person placed on a watch list is not prohibited from buying firearms, he or she should complete a Firearms Transaction Record (Form 4473). However, if the person is prohibited from buying firearms, he or she should not complete Form 4473. If you cannot purchase firearms, you should also fill out Form 4473-S but not Form 4473-E. If the person is not prohibited from buying firearms and he or she wants to purchase a firearm, fill out an ATF Form 4473 (Transfer of a Firearm by a Non-Processing Law Enforcement Officer or Surplus Property), check the box for a transfer and check “Other.” NOTE: If the person on the terrorist watch list is determined not to be prohibited from buying firearms, he or she should complete Form 4473 (Transfer of a Firearm by a Non-Processing Law Enforcement Officer or Surplus Property). However, the person is not required to sign his or her own name or date the form as he or she is not the individual making the purchase and must check the box for “Inventory and Delivery.” Then if he or she is a U.S. citizen, he or she should complete the form, sign, date, date by, and attach a copy of the form to his or her background check record. Fees: 1. When filling out a Form 4473 (Transfer of a Firearm by a Non-Processing Law Enforcement Officer or Surplus Property), fees range from 17.80 to 37.60. 2. You will not pay these fees if you take the firearms' transaction record and ATF Form 4473-S. 3. Fees for completing ATF Form 4473-S are based on a 100 fee for each piece of property, such as ammunition, to be transferred. For more information, see our page on ATF Form 4473-S and Fees. 4. The ATF Form 4473 (Transfer of a Firearm by a Non-Processing Law Enforcement Officer or Surplus Property) costs from 17.80 to 37.60. 5.
When do I need to complete CBP Form 4455?
You must complete CBP Form 4455 — “Application for Nonimmigrant Status,” within 18 months of arrival in the United States. USCIS will notify USCIS that you arrived on or before February 1, 2009 (or you will be removed from the United States and ineligible to return). Form 4455 does not need to be submitted to USCIS if you have applied for and received an immigrant visa. USCIS will notify USCIS that you applied for and received a nonimmigrant visa within 18 months of your arrival in the United States. The form should be submitted at the time of arrival in the United States. This is the first step of the petition by USCIS and is called a Petition for Naturalization. Is my child an adult when my spouse becomes a U.S. citizen? Yes, your child will become an adult upon your child-petitioning spouse becoming a U.S. citizen. You and your child should file USCIS Form I-130. How do I apply for a Fiancée-Notification? You must contact the Embassy or Consulate of your home country. These offices are responsible for reporting to USCIS what information you are required to provide for the Fiancée- Notification Form. This form must be submitted within 90 days of the date your home country requires you to provide them with the information to file your Fiancée-Notification. You may download the Form F-5052 from the Embassy or Consulate website of the country of your travel in step 1. After you get the Form F-5052, send it to USCIS via email at If you have made an additional request to USCIS after filing Form F-5052 at this time, it is important to notify USCIS once more at this time. What about a U.S. citizen who is filing a U.S. Fiancée-Notification as his/her spouse? See the chart above. What should I do with my Form 4490 if I am eligible for a Form 4990? You may use the forms from either type of application and mail the original to: USCIS. P.O. Box 8058, Office of Immigration at Los Angeles, CA 90016. Where can I find a printed version of the Form 4490? The form itself should be printed.
Can I create my own CBP Form 4455?
Yes. It can be found here:. What if I submit a 4455 that isn't valid? Your file will still be reviewed by CBP and may be denied if the number is too old or not valid. Also, if it is an out of date or invalid number, your request may be denied. Where can I get a copy of my 4455? You can request your Form 4455 at a CBP office and have it mailed or faxed to you. The form can be found here:. What time is it valid? The 4455 has validity for 30 days from the date of submission. This means you can submit your 4455 if your request is accepted and processed by CBP that day. You may need to submit your form in the following weeks. If my request is not accepted, will my request expire? No, if your 5-digit Form 4455 is not accepted, it will not expire. Your request will just be reviewed by CBP and may be denied if the number is still incomplete, unconfirmed, or expired. If my request is accepted, and I still do not get my document, will I need to do anything? Yes. If CBP is not able to process your form, you may have to pay a fee to have it processed. If your Form 4455 is determined to contain a form or information that requires an official stamp, you will have to appear in person to submit it at a CBP office. I received a notice from the C-Border Customs and Border Protection program that my number has been flagged as a valid or suspicious number. Is this still valid? No. Even if your number is flagged as a valid number, CBP will only provide you with the status of your file. This may have something to do with your country and the program in this country. If this is the case, you are advised to contact your embassy or consulate of the country to which the number is flagged and ask for a correction. What is the cost of an 4455? Your required 4455 is 9.95. If your number is flagged as a valid number, there is a charge of 5.60. This charge will be placed in your designated check/clears envelope.
What should I do with CBP Form 4455 when it’s complete?
CBP Form 4455 should be completed, properly filled out, and signed by you before you fly. You'll want to do this regardless of what's going on. It's your personal information and, if it's not handled properly, it can affect many aspects of your aviation experience. The CBP Officer will have different decisions and priorities for your application. If the officer determines your application doesn't meet his or her needs for security, law enforcement, or border patrol, he or she will allow your application to go no further and tell you to reapply at a later date. Can I have contact by phone with CBP Officers who've processed my application through the Airman Application System? Yes, you can contact the CBP Airman Application System call center directly. The call center number is. How can I apply for a Temporary Protected Status? Applicants should call the Federal Security Council at (Press “0”) or. If you're eligible, they will process your application within 10 business days and tell you what you need to do. See the Federal Security Council for specific information regarding the FSP. What is a Temporary Protected Status? The TSA and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) give a lot of credit for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to people who volunteer to accept it. However, there is still a need for these individuals to come forward with their own information and a plan to make it permanent. To qualify, a qualified applicant must have: Resided in the U.S. for at least one year prior to the date of application, in the last 15 of which time the applicant is considered a refugee or Ashlee; a current address, and a valid Social Security card or work permit; and Been in legal possession of a green card within the past five years. What do I do if I'm a member of an institution that has been excluded because of its status? Individuals with a legal determination of exclusion due to their employment status (i.e., nonimmigrant student, student athlete, employee) are not required to appear for clearance, but they should contact the USCIS Enrolled Agent for Individuals With Disabilities if they have a request for clearance.
How do I get my CBP Form 4455?
You may access the Form 4455 via the Internet, by mail, by fax, or in person. You can also request a copy by telephone or via email. Furthermore, you will have additional copies available with your Form 5300. How to Get Your CBP Form 5300 To submit your CBP Form 4455, you may complete or return a Form 5300 and obtain either a paper copy of the complete form or electronically. For any questions or concerns, please email us at or call us at 1-877-CBP-1255. For assistance, contact the U.S. Border Patrol at. CBP will not provide assistance by mail. You may order an electronic copy online by clicking here. Ordering Paper Copies CBP is now allowing the convenience of the Web in an effort to streamline the processing of the thousands of requests made daily to the agency. The new Website is expected to be operational at the end of October. Once operational, the CBP Website will make the processing of electronic requests even easier by providing expedited filing options, electronically available information on individual requests, and the ability to print the final CBP forms for easy reference. CBP currently offers one of the nation's most extensive filing systems in the nation. As you can see from this page, there are several options for obtaining information from CBP. While submitting your Form 4455 you can choose to have the information on your form submitted electronically, by fax (), or by mail (submit your CBP Form 4455 electronically from the online system and then submit the paper copy). Please visit the electronic filing site to submit the Form 4455 electronically. Filing Electronic Forms & Fees For information about the electronic filing option and fees, please visit the electronic filing page. If filing electronically, follow the instructions provided with your chosen form.
What documents do I need to attach to my CBP Form 4455?
The CBP does not require you to submit original applications and supporting documentation with all of your applications for expedited entry, except the following: 1. Visa applications and non-immigrant visa applications 2. Form I-797 (Admissions and Status Change/Renewal), except for applications for admission to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program 3. United States passports. If you do not have a United States passport, you must have an unexpired U.S. passport, or you can have a non-U.S. passport. 4. Passports, travel documents or other documents showing that you are physically present in the United States if issued by a diplomatic or consular service of the United States. 5. United States passports for the purpose of providing travel authorization to a foreign visitor or business if the applicant is entering the United States temporarily on behalf of the applicant's employer, company, government or other organization. For additional information regarding the requirements for foreign passport issuance, see the U.S. Department of State website at:. If you have not received an approved form, you must complete and send supporting documentation before being granted expedited visa processing. All supporting documentation must be included with the original application. The U.S. Department of State website at provides detailed information about the types of documentation required and the acceptable documents to be accepted as supporting documentation. 6. Where can I receive additional information regarding expedited processing of my application? Additional information is available through your Regional Center in your home country or abroad. If you need further information, you may contact the U.S. Department of State's Office of Expediting and Processing at, Fax or e-mail. For additional information about our expediting services, the processing of your applications, and your expedited entry, please visit our website at. You may not submit your applications to CBP until you receive your approval for expedited processing.
What are the different types of CBP Form 4455?
The CBP Form 4455 is an electronic fingerprint card that contains information and is used for border searches. All fingerprint cards that are processed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are provided with the DHS Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) as the electronic fingerprint repository. In 2009, the DHS Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) revised the form 4455 to require that the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) be used for fingerprint card processing. If the AFIS does not meet the DHS requirements, the fingerprint card is not processed. When is the form 4455 processed? The 4455 is processed at the point of entry into the U.S.
How many people fill out CBP Form 4455 each year?
The number of people who fill out Form 4455 and have had no negative impact on U.S. national security is not public information. The CBP does not use the number of applicants or their date of entry to estimate the number of illegal aliens who remain in the country on a temporary or permanent basis. The CBP only uses Form 4455 for immigration enforcement purposes, such as verifying the alien has the right to enter and remain in the United States and conducting the interview. How many aliens received a final order of removal and were removed from the country during FY 2004? During FY 2004, the U.S. government removed 6,972 illegal aliens from our country for all offenses combined. Of these, the following categories of illegal aliens are most likely to return to Mexico and Central America: Homeless illegal aliens Undocumented migrants with prior criminal convictions Undocumented migrants with serious medical conditions, including HIV/AIDS Undocumented migrants with active cases of tuberculosis Illegal aliens over the age of 62 Undocumented migrants with family members already in the U.S. or in removal proceedings (i.e., parents who have been removed or removed due to criminal conviction, and guardians of minor U.S.-born children) Illegal aliens with pending cases of child neglect and/or abandonment Illegal aliens awaiting deportation proceedings Illegal aliens under the age of 21. Illegal aliens who have been ordered removed can be returned based on any of the aforementioned grounds. For example, undocumented children under the age of 16 who are detained at an immigration detention facility or an alien's subsequent removal could be placed forward for removal under the Family-Based Immigration Grounds or Criminal Alien Grounds of inadmissibility. Are undocumented migrants placed forward for removal for committing federal crimes? Deportation proceedings are initiated based upon the fact that someone has breached a federal law or federal statutory provision. For example, an illegal alien who is sentenced for a federal crime, but who was not placed upon removal for such act alone, would likely be removed based only upon such crime if the unlawful conduct occurred in the United States. How many illegals were placed forward for removal in FY 2004? Deportation hearings are in a backlog. It could take months or even years before a decision is made about whether to remove a deportable alien.
Is there a due date for CBP Form 4455?
Yes. You have 180 days from the mailing date of the Border Crossing Information and/or Visa Application for your U.S. Department of State Visitor Visa to file the Form 4455 if you are applying from outside the United States, or any part of the United States for which the visa office process has been completed. You will not need to file this form if you are residing for more than 180 days in one of the following locations: U.S. Coast Guard Sector. U.S. Department of State. U.S. Virgin Islands. If you are residing for more than 180 days outside the United States: At that time, you will need to visit a U.S. embassy to request an I-94A to travel to the United States. The I-94A will explain which country you have your visa from. Once you have the information you need about yourself, you must file Form 4455. What is the CBP's response to my complaint? Our Office is a civil and administrative agency. Therefore, complaints about our office will not be accepted. The Department believes that all the requirements which must be satisfied under the Immigration and Nationality Act prior to issuing any form of immigrant or nonimmigrant admission or adjustment of status, and all requirements imposed under the Act after admission or adjustment of status are met; however, the Department may not grant such authority without compliance with these requirements. The Department does not have the authority to conduct a preaudit on a visa application or issuance and shall not be liable for failure to do so. When the Department reviews these applications, the application will be reviewed for completeness and will be rejected for any non-compliance with the requirements of the Act. The Department's Office of Professional Responsibility (OPA) shall review the reasons for any decision not to grant admission or adjust status, and, pursuant to the procedural due process standards discussed below, will give the applicant an opportunity to prove compliance with the law. If the OPA believes that failure to meet the requirements of the Act or other procedures of the Act has occurred, the OPA will recommend revocation of the issuance of the petition or approval of the adjustment of status. In a case where no reason for denial exists, revocation will not be recommended. May individuals who are lawfully present in the United States or their U.S.
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