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How can I buy an MP5 submachine gun?
First and foremost the last authentic mp5 I saw was an mp5 a3 and it was a steal at 45,000. Mps generally are around the 50,000 to 60,000 dollar range. You might see a hk-53 around the 20–30,000 dollar range but an mp5 is very hard to find.To buy any nfa item your state must not have NFA items banned outright. Nfa items are short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, automatics of any kind, suppressors (technical name for a silencer. When talking law silencer is the proper vernbut if talking parts suppressor is the proper vernacular.), destructive devices like grenades and anything bigger then 50 bmg in caliber, and anything designated as aow or any other weapons like cane guns and zip guns.What you must do is find a class 3 dealer also known as a SOT or special occational tax payer. You must fill out ATF form 4 in triplicate. You must give ATF form 4 to the local police chief, the FBI and the ATF. Before you submit it you must get passport photos and finger print cards done up to be submitted along with your application containing your credit card information. After 6 months sometimes longer the ATF can reach in and take a 200 dollar fee and mail you a tax stamp. Once you get it in the mail you may go to the dealer and pick it up.However I should warn you this fee can be cumulative. For example a box of 10 live pineapple grenades runs 1000 dollars. You must pay the tax stamp for each grenade and submit the ATF form 4 for each grenade. This means you fill out 30 ATF form 4s and pay 2022 for a tax stamp raising the price to 300 dollars a grenade or 3,000 dollars for the case of 10.
How can you own a machine gun in the U.S. and how is it legal to own a machine gun?
Have lots of money (cheapest crappiest MG is about $4000)Be in the US legally, preferably a citizenDon’t be a felonDon’t be mentally incompetentDon’t get thrown out of the military for bad behaviorDon’t beat your wifeDon’t renounce your US citizenshipDon’t be a drug addictDon’t be on the run from the lawDon’t have a restraining order against youWith all that out of the way, you have a couple of options.Buy a gun as a private citizenFind a Class 3 gun dealer and pick a gunDo lots of paperworkGet fingerprintedWait several monthsPay $200 taxPay for the gunBecome a dealer or a manufacturerDo lots of paperworkPay a couple of hundred dollars for the applicationWait several monthsPay $500 a year if you are a dealer, $1000 a year if you are a manufacturerBuy or make the machine gunsAs to how all of this is legal, the answer lies in several Federal laws:National Firearms ActGun Control Act of 1968Firearm Owners Protection ActAlso, there are state laws, and some agency regulations that you have to worry about.If you want the full scoop, talk to these guys:Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
How can I legally own a machine gun (Gattling gun, Maxim gun, etc.)?
The gattling gun is NOT a machine gun. It’s a multi barreled rifle that is operated manually with a crank. It’s still one shot per trigger pull. If you have 20 grand, you can go buy one without anything more than a background check at the dealers. They aren’t restricted for ownership by anything other than cost.As for real, fully automatic rifles, they must be on the nfa registry, which closed in APR of 1986. So as long as they were manufactured before that date and put on the registry.. you can contact a dealer and pay them an exhorbitant amount of money (I’ve seen over 100k for some rifles, and as low as 6–10 grand for something like an uzi.. M16’s also sit in the 20k range.) Then you purchase it, and the dealer keeps it while you fill out an ATF form called a form 4 to transfer ownership. This will require a signature from the police chief in your area. This also kicks off a background investigation and a roughly 1 year wait to get approved. When you submit the form 4, you also submit a 200 dollar check. This is non refundable. When/IF you get approved, you then get a stamp that you keep with the rifle or pistol at all times and you are required to notify the government every time you travel across state lines with it.That’s how you get it get a machine gun, or a gattling gun. Notice the difference between the two…EDIT - the cutoff date to put a machine gun on the NFA registry was MAY 19, 1986.. Not April 1986.
How is a firearm purchased in America?
Thanks for the A2A.Here is an excerpt from one of my other answers on “gun control”:“Notwithstanding what you hear on the media, or from gun control groups, here is the REALITY of buying a gun:If I want to buy a gun, I go to my local gun store. I talk to the (knowledgeable, helpful and VERY aware of the law) clerk, discuss my desires and options, maybe hold a few guns (can’t fire them in my county), and make my selection. I pay a deposit. I fill out paperwork. They make a copy of my ID. I walk out, empty-handed. Anywhere from 10 to 20 days later (yes, I KNOW what the law says, I am telling you what actually happens), I get a call telling me the paperwork and background check are completed. I go down to the store, pay the balance of the purchase price, and . . . go home empty-handed, again. THEN I wait the mandatory 10 day “cooling off” period (how much “cooler” can I get??? I’ve ALREADY waited several weeks!), and go back and pick up my gun. If it doesn’t come with a trigger and/or action lock, they make me buy one. I have to certify that I have a gun safe to store it in. Easy, peasy, right??? Easier than buying a book, according to our President.Now, I had a desire to buy a particular rifle - an older rifle, no longer manufactured. I went on the Internet and found a guy who had one, and wanted to sell. President Obama says I can buy a gun over the Internet with no problem, and no paperwork, right? I had to (1) make the deal with the seller, over the Internet, then (2) I had to find a local FFL ( licensed federal firearms dealer) near me, who was willing to handle the transaction (many aren’t), and (3) the SELLER had to go find a local FFL near HIM (you can’t ship guns interstate except between FFLs), and (4) I had to pay fees to both FFLs (not beefing them - they deserved to be compensated for all the paperwork they had to do), and (5) the gun was shipped from the seller’s FFL to my FFL, and THEN, (6) I had to go through all of the stuff described above. Paperwork. 10 day waiting period. The whole parade.And the gun control folks want to make this MORE difficult????”Now, I live in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia,  so my experience is probably worse than it would be in most states, but the foregoing is an accurate description of what  happened the last two times I purchased guns.The GOOD news, to the extent there is any?  Your state (unless you live in NY, MA, NJ) is likely to be somewhat less burdensome.  The  folks at your local gun store  will be knowledgeable about the process, and will guide you through it.  Many states (the four I mentioned, plus Hawaii,  that I know of, have some version of an “assault weapons” ban.  CA and NY have limitations on the size of magazines (10 in CA, 7 in NY).  CA is proposing to ban ALL semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifles (including, for example, my son’s Ruger 10/22, .22  rifle, which he uses for varmint control and  target practice.  A .22.  But, gun grabbers aren’t rational, so what are you going to do?The folks at your local gun store will also be familiar with  state restrictions, they will not have guns in inventory or available for sale that are banned in your state.In addition, many states have  requirements on storage of guns, so you may ALSO have to purchase a gun safe and/or trigger or action lock (both of which must be “state approved” in CA).  Plan on spending at least several hundred dollars on the safe, maybe more.Your question suggests that you are not a gun owner, so I am assuming that you have little or no training  in firearms handling and firearms safety.  If that is correct, PLEASE  find a good firearms and firearms safety class, BEFORE you buy your gun.  The NRA holds such classes regularly, in most areas (it is the primary function of the NRA), and the classes are, in my experience, excellent.  ANYONE who will have access to your gun should have such training.Good luck!
At what point does the ATF consider an AR-15 lower receiver a long gun when filling out the form 4473?
The law and ATF are quite clear on how a fire arm type is to be recorded on the form 4473.Section B line 16, handgun, long gun, other.Section D question 27 type of fire arm.Question 16. Type of Firearm(s):Quoting from the instructions for Form 4473"Other" refers to frames, receivers and other firearms that are neither handguns nor long guns (rifles or shotguns), such as firearms having a pistol grip that expel a shotgun shell, or National Firearms Act (NFA) firearms, including silencers. If a frame or receiver can only be made into a long gun (rifle or shotgun), it is still a frame or receiver not a handgun or long gun. However, frames and receivers are still "firearms" by definition, and subject to the same GCA limitations as any other firearms. See Section 921(a)(3)(B). Section 922(b)(1) makes it unlawful for a licensee to sell any firearm other than a shotgun or rifle to any person under the age of 21. Since a frame or receiver for a firearm, to include one that can only be made into a long gun, is a "firearm other than a shotgun or rifle," it cannot be transferred to anyone under the age of 21, nor can these firearms be transferred to anyone who is not a resident of the State where the transfer is to take place. Also, note that multiple sales forms are not required for frames or receivers of any firearms, or pistol grip shotguns, since they are not "pistols or revolvers" under Section 923(g)(3)(A)(Question 27) Question 24-28. Firearm(s) Description:These blocks must be completed with the firearm(s) information. Firearms manufactured after 1968 by Federal firearms licensees should all be marked with a serial number. Should you acquire a firearm that is legally not marked with a serial number (i.e. pre-1968), you may answer question 26 with "NSN" (No Serial Number), "N/A" or "None." If more than four firearms are involved in a transaction, the information required by Section D, questions 24-28, must be provided for the additional firearms on a separate sheet of paper, which must be attached to this ATF Form 4473.Types of firearms include, but are not limited to: pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, receiver, frame and other firearms that are neither handguns nor long guns (rifles or shotguns), such as firearms having a pistol grip that expel a shotgun shell (pistol grip firearm) or NFA firearms (machinegun, silencer, short-barreled shotgun, short-barreled rifle, destructive device or "any other weapon").End quote.To enter false information on the form 4473 would be committing a Federal felony. Therefore a stripped receiver must be marked as a receiver. If it is a stripped receiver regardless of manufactures markings, it must be recorded as a “receiver” on the form 4473.To answer the question posted. The ATF would consider an AR 15 receiver a long gun when the receiver is assembled as a long gun when it is transferred. Again a receiver only, is to be recorded as a receiver.
Why are sawed-off shotguns illegal but assault rifles and semi-automatics are not (in USA)?
The answer may surprise you.Brace yourself for a bunch of people telling you that assault rifles are highly regulated. This is because to be a true assault rifle the firearm must be capable of full-auto or burst fire. This requires a license, additional background check and then the gun will be VERY expensive. Also, no “machine gun “ (the legal term for full-auto) that was not registered with the ATF by 1986 may be possessed by private citizens.(EDIT: This was suggested by another Quora SME: Also, no “machine gun “ (the legal term for full-auto) that was not registered with the ATF by 1986 may be possessed by private citizens. I can potentially see where he is going with his proposed edits. If a gun was manufactured, but not registered, then it would be illegal to possess even if one had all the appropriate licenses. That is my take away, but I could be wrong so if he would like to add a comment, that would be great and much appreciated!)Brace yourself for a small group of people telling you that the term “assault rifle” was made up by liberals. Not true, goes back to the StG 44 and the DoD did have a definition as far back as the 1960s, even if the Army no longer uses it. (EDIT: The reason I wrote this the way I did is not because I am confused about the origins of it or “assault weapons. Instead, I did it because a small minority of pro-2A folks have latched on to the myth that assault rifle is a made-up term too. In the days before I wrote my answer I had very long discussion with a young Army private who refused to accept the fact that assault rifle was not a made-up term by liberals.)Semi-automatic clones of assault rifles are very seldom used in crime. By very seldom, the rate is not statistically different from zero. While they are shorter and more compact than modern rifles, the high capacity magazine raises the height of the rifle making it less concealable. Additionally, it is more unwieldy than a sawed off shotgun. Therefore, shotguns are used far more frequently than rifles.The number one reason: the shotgun is a devestating weapon at close range. Period. Dot. It is far more effective and lethal than an AR-15 or AK-47 would be. While I do not want to be shot by any firearm, a shotgun at close range would be the worst case scenario.
Do people in the United States actually believe that gun reform will cause them to lose their right to own a weapon?
It is interesting how anti-gun people often use this (or a similar version) to justify their attempts to push for additional gun restrictions…You call it “gun reform” or “sensible gun law changes”, etc., but it all means the same:Firearm owners have to give up yet another bit of the Second Amendment right• chip-by-chip, the anti-gun groups remove portions of gun rights. As the saying goes, “Give an inch, they take a mile”. They may not take that mile all at once, but when “we” agree to some form of “reform” (yes, there’s a reason I am using quotes), the anti-gun people end up using that to their advantage and take away far more than we agree or cannot fight against.The reason we believe that “gun reform” will cause us to lose our gun rights altogether is clear as day: several politicians• HIGH RANKING Congressmen/women, and even a President, have directly stated that if they could, they would demand that “Mr. and Mrs. America ‘turn them all in!’”.The gun control bill that President Clinton initiated (the “Assault Weapon Ban”was found by a Congressional investigation to have had NO effect on the murder rate in the US• yet we have people in Congress who STILL propose this and more:Barbara Boxer of California wanted even more strict gun bans ad proposals to strip Americans of their Constitutional right to bear arms• yet she was caught by the media (back before the media was totally Left Wing). Boxer, like Feinstein, had their own concealed carry permits at the same time saying “They needed them because they were important people. Regular Americans don’t have the need to be armed”• aka, typical Liberal hypocrisy• “For me, yey, for thee, nay”.So• why do we gun owners believe that “gun reform” will eventually strip us of our firearms?It is because THAT is exactly what the Democrats and Leftists have said they want to accomplish• and no matter how far it goes, do you not see how all gun owners have done is give, give, give• and we have received NOTHING in return. It is not a “compromise” that anti-gun people want. In a compromise, each side gives up a little and both sides walk away with a bit of something good after giving in or giving up something they wanted.So far, all that gun owners have done is give• we have received nothing in return, so there have been no “compromises”• only loss of rights• little-by-little• and we are done. We are tired of the false promises of true compromise. We know their end-game goal and will no longer put up with measures to eventually get them there - that is why we refuse to put up with any more “gun reform”.I hope I helped you understand our side of this national crisis.NOTE: I used quotes on certain words and phrases because the words and phrases are not true to what they mean.I say that we are in a national crisis because IF the Democrats and/or Leftists/Socialists/Communists of this nation try to implement a full gun confiscation or severely limit our 2nd Amendment Rights, there WILL be a Civil War 2.0 with a hundred million gun owners completely restoring the US Constitution as it had been written and implemented by our Founding Fathers.This is not conjecture. It is not a threat or “crazy talk”• gun owners ARE that serious about the Second Amendment and the right to be free - so much so that any attempt I mentioned in the above sentence would happen. Again, not a threat, not a call for action, just the truth about what would happen should the anti-gun people go too far.
In the CLAT form, do we have to fill out the percentage of all 6 subjects?
Not at all.You don't have to fill the percentage of any subject in the form. You just need to scan your marksheet. (Either of 10th or 12th). As forms of CLAT are filled online.
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