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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Us customs regulations import

Instructions and Help about Us customs regulations import

You're watching in sharing important video tutorial importing from China to the United States in this video you will learn about United States product regulations mandatory labeling requirements custom taxes customs valuation and the customs bond which it's mandatory if you input anything valued 2,500 us up okay but first product regulations the fun part so if you're based in the United States as an input is your responsibility to ensure compliance with the regulations that applies your product and we're looking at safety regulations substance restrictions document requirements labeling requirements lab testing requirements different regulations and different procedures for different products you even have different specific regulations in in certain states especially in California okay now as is your responsibility to ensure compliance you need to research which regulations apply to your product before we even think about importing anything to the US now if you enforce a non-compliant product this means that your product is subject to a force recall you may not even be able to get the cargo through the customs the stakes are fairly high and of course there's no insurance to cover this so you have to simply have to be sure okay now this is a very brief overview regulations in the US there's no way I would be able to go through every single regulation in detail just so you understand that now let's go through these one by one first we have CPSIA which regulates toys and children's products in the US and this is mandatory regulation on a federal level which means it applies in every state now as an importer in the toys and children's products base you need to ensure compliance with substance regulations safety standards say ASTM you need to ensure students product certificates you need to implement a reasonable testing plan to be sure that every batch is is compliant so you have these different elements you need to comply with is not just a matter of submitting a sample for lab testing it's not that simple you need to have a documentation you need to have the labeling and so on okay now for electronics all electronics in the US are regulated by the FCC and you have a subpart called FCC part 15 regulates basically all types of electronics anything with a chip inside anything with a processor so an FCC coverage document requirements the verification of compliance you've got different types of document requirements with different electronics labeling requirements you probably know the FCC compliance marked as being phased out now at least when it comes to devices with screens but still highly relevant from many categories and then we have the flammable fabrics act FFA also as ministered by the CPSC and FFA applies to specific types of fabrics especially thin fabrics so this means that you have fabrics that say for for our wedding dresses and so on they tend to be within the scope of FFA while say sweater.


How much can I import to USA without paying duty?
Up to $1,600 in goods will be duty-free under your personal exemption if the merchandise is from an IP. Up to $800 in goods will be duty-free if it is from a CBI or Andean country.
What items Cannot be brought into the US?
Prohibited and Restricted Items are items that you are forbidden to bring into the U.S. Examples include drug paraphernalia (unless you have medical permission for its use), illegal substances (including medications that are not legal in the U.S. or not sold without a doctor's prescription) and counterfeit products.
What documents are required to import?
The below following are documents for Import of Goods. Bill of Entry. Commercial invoice. Packing List. Bill of Lading. Foreign Exchange Control Form (Form A-1) Terminal Handling Receipt. Certified Engineer's Report. Cargo Release Order.
What is needed to import into the US?
In most cases, you will not need a license to import goods into the United States. But, for certain goods being imported, some agencies may require a license, permit, or other certification.
How can I avoid customs fees in USA?
Tell the seller explicitly that the item is for personal use. Import duties typically apply to items imported for commercial use (business or resale) 14not personal or retail sales. If you're importing something for your own personal use or as a gift for someone else, you don't have to pay them.
Do I have to pay customs for package from UK to US?
You'll need to pay customs duty (or import tax) on any goods you move across the US border from the UK, though goods from some countries are exempt due to different international trade agreements. The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) enforces customs rules.
Can I import goods to USA?
In most cases, you will not need a license to import goods into the United States. But, for certain goods being imported, some agencies may require a license, permit, or other certification. Follow this checklist to avoid problems when importing. Check the requirements of federal agencies.
Does US charge import duty?
The United States imposes tariffs (customs duties) on imports of goods. The duty is levied at the time of import and is paid by the importer of record. Customs duties vary by country of origin and product. Goods from many countries are exempt from duty under various trade agreements.
What is the minimum amount for customs duty?
Advance Authorisation (AA) Scheme. Raw materials and inputs for export production attract zero percent import duty, provided a minimum 15 percent value addition is made to the final product.
What are the requirements for importing into the United States?
Most important documents required in the US Import Entry Process Commercial Invoice (Invoice from seller to buyer) Packing List. Bill of Lading. Entry Manifest (CBP Form 7533) or Application and Special Permit for Immediate Delivery (CBP Form 3461) Evidence of Bond. Entry Summary (Form 3501)
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