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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Us customs camera equipment

Instructions and Help about Us customs camera equipment

Every day the Transportation Security Administration TSA screens about 1.8 million passengers along with all of their luggage those searches produce a lot of interesting results from animals to weapons security officials have to be on their guard for the strange out of the ordinary and occasionally disturbing items passengers try to take on a plane here are the five craziest things found by airport security ever wondered how to sneak in with a dead body and put it on a plane nasty as it is there is one substantial reason why some passengers attempt to smuggle corpses on board paying for cargo will never beat the low cost airlines in 2022 police have arrested two women after they tried to take the body of a dead relative onto a plane at Liverpool Airport it all worked well until someone figured out the message there is one good reason why good old grandpa doesn't like to chat and wears thick sunglasses an Egyptian couple went through airport security crossing their fingers they attempted to smuggle their five month-old baby the two did not have a visa for the newborn and were told to wait two days in the airport for the immigration office to reopen restless the couple decided to put the baby inside a bag and go through security anyway it might tell silly but they were completely unaware of the fact that the scanner can see inside with ease the mother and the father were arrested for putting the baby at risk and were themselves illegal aliens Indonesian custom officers uncovered a grisly smuggling attempt bound for Australia a group of human skulls hidden inside saucepans the six goals were intercepted in two separate cases at Indonesian airports and are suspected of being part of a prize collection for international buyers or for research use the skulls which are believed to be from the diag tribe of Borneo were hidden inside saucepans and from post offices in Indonesia bound for Australia and Amsterdam the skulls were discovered when custom officials became suspicious after scanning the package containing force holes and decided to infect it more closely an Australian traveler raised eyebrows in the suspicions of custom officers after he was found with two live pigeons and an aubergine down his underpants officials searched the man after they discovered two eggs hidden in a vitamin container in his luggage customs officials said the pigeons were found wrapped in padded envelopes and held to each of the man's legs with a pair of tights officials also seized seeds in his money belt in an undeclared / gene but are at a loss to explain why the goods were smuggled into the country can you imagine the horror of being set on a fight in midair and suddenly the cabin fills with smoke the panic that would ensue would be incredible yet the security officials found a passenger trying to sneak a smoke grenade onto a flight at Las Vegas.


What food items need to be declared at US Customs?
All travelers entering the United States are REQUIRED to DECLARE meats, fruits, vegetables, plants, seeds, soil, animals, as well as plant and animal products (including soup or soup products) they may be carrying. The declaration must cover all items carried in checked baggage, carry-on luggage, or in a vehicle.
What things I Cannot bring to USA?
Examples of restricted items include firearms, certain fruits and vegetables, animal products, animal by products, and some animals. Absinthe (Alcohol) ... Alcoholic Beverages Automobiles Biologicals Ceramic Tableware Cultural Artifacts and Cultural Property.
What goods can I bring into the USA?
The following are generally admissible. Condiments. ketchup (catsup), mustard, mayonnaise, Marmite and Vegemite and prepared sauces that do not contain meat products. Olive oil and other vegetable oils. Bread, cookies, crackers, cakes, granola bars, cereal and other baked and processed products. Candy and chocolate.
What items can be brought into the US?
Many prepared foods that are unopened and commercially labeled are admissible (excluding meats and meat products). You may bring bakery items and most cheeses into the United States. As a general rule, condiments, vinegars, oils, packaged spices, honey, coffee, fish, tea, and baby formula are admissible.
Can I cross the border with my laptop?
The short answer is, no. Customs and Border Protection do not need a warrant or probable cause to search your phone or laptop. Since 2022. the Department of Homeland Security has claimed legal authority to search your electronic devices without a warrant or probable cause at the U.S. border or international airports.
What items do you have to declare to customs in USA?
You must declare all items you purchased and are carrying with you upon return to the United States, including gifts for other people as well as items you bought for yourself. This includes duty-free items purchased in foreign countries, as well as any merchandise you intend to sell or use in your business.
What items are not allowed in US customs?
Prohibited and Restricted Items Absinthe (Alcohol) ... Alcoholic Beverages Automobiles Biologicals Ceramic Tableware Cultural Artifacts and Cultural Property Defense Articles or Items with Military or Proliferation Applications Dog and Cat Fur.
What is not allowed through customs in USA?
Examples of restricted items include firearms, certain fruits and vegetables, animal products, animal by products, and some animals.
Do you have to declare everything at customs?
Merchandise is declared to CBP. If you do not declare something that should have been declared, you risk forfeiting the item. If in doubt, declare it. You are returning from an overseas stay of at least 48 hours.
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