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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Us customs import data

Instructions and Help about Us customs import data

Music what are the customs requirements for importation exportation within Columbia to import into the country you must be registered with the vuc or I'm gonna my Spanish is horrible so I will try to pronounce but Benton the unica de comercio exterior you know you need to be essentially Alejandra we were talking about this it's an it's an agency that is like our IRS did you say or is it different it's it's a branch of the N which is like the IRS but they also they're also in terms of costumes and so basically these agency within this section of the agency is in charge of pretty much making sure that you comply we you have all the documentation like you need to be either if you're gonna export your incorporated and and there's some I mean there's not many requirements but once you obtain this certificate you're good to go okay great and it also says must get the we know here that the customer must get the are UT as an importer is that their their importation number and like an employee and number in America here correct yes okay so we can and you said that's a pretty easy process to get both of those yeah it will take you a couple a couple days to once you will apply and the list of items is not that complicated I mean it's gonna is gonna vary depending on why you're gonna be in put in the next porting and like if you're gonna be exporting known products like coffee and all that it's pretty simple if you're gonna be dealing with chemicals and stuff like that there's gonna be more requirements okay yeah now as far as that's for importation that includes what I said earlier about if you're importing into Colombia you'll still need your commercial invoice and packing lists in your Bill of Lading now in regards to exporting or also if you're in regards to importing if your commodity requires a license that's also required in regards to exporting out of Colombia you must also still be registered with B you see that we talked about earlier just so you can I'm sure designate or decline what you're exporting and you'll still need any commercial invoice a packing list a bill of lading or air waybill as well as any origin certificates that are requested for that particular commodity so we have we have a partner in in Colombia the numerous agents that we use in Colombia that can help with those process of one getting you registered two getting you an AR UT number as well as any origin certificates that are needed to export out of Colombia or import into Colombia as needed and to make to make to make an export clearance out of Colombia you still must arrange customs clearance with the Colombian agent down there and that's our partners our brokers as well down there.

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